Podcast wissensART: Der Dompfarrer, der Künstler und der Tod


Artist Talk: Peter Baldinger talks to Toni Faber about art and death 


Podcast wissensART 

Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger-Jochum spreaks with Peter Baldinger about his current exhibition Danse Macabre.

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PARALLEL Vienna 2022 

From September 6th to 11th 2022 we were part of PARALLEL Vienna.

We presented works by Petra Lupe, titled Tabula Rasa.

Salzburger Nachrichten about Kurt Hüpfner-Symposium 

An interesting article by Hedwig Kainberger about our Kurt Hüpfner-Symposium on 24th August 2022. 

Podcast wissensART 

Kurt Hüpfners talks with Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger about his Life, Art and artistic process – listen to the new episode of her Podcast wissensART to hear more!



Kurt Hüpfner - Symposium

On 24th August 2022 we will organise a symposium with contributions by Mag. Harald Krejci, Prof. Dr. Irene Daum, Dr. Ernst Ploil und Dr. Peter Stasny.

Registration until 10th August 2022 via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online Viewing Room: Kurt Hüpfner - the world as omen

A central theme in Kurt Hüpfner's art is a world of foreboding and prophecy - he calls these "omens". He processes special encounters and gives them an almost magical meaning. In our Online exhibition we give an insight in the artists world - feel free to click through the Online Viewing Room on Artsy or contact us!

Viewing Room: (Master)pieces 

In our online and offline viewing room we are showing a selection of our current gallery program with works by Peter Baldinger, Kurt Hüpfner, Christine Mayr, Marianne Lang and Petra Lupe. Visit us or admire the works online on Artsy!

Happy Birthday Kurt Hüpfner!

The exceptional Viennese artist Kurt Hüpfner turned 91 on December 20, 2021 - congratulations!

Hüpfner's oeuvre, spanning 70 years, shows sculptures, assemblages, collages, paintings, wall hangings, caricatures, prints, bundles, text images, as well as numerous drawings and graphic novels. The central themes of his art are political events, personal memories and encounters as well as the examination of modern and contemporary art and literature trends. From this he creates an individual world, full of fabulous beings and shapes, made of different materials, colors and shapes.

The exceptional Viennese artist, who worked in secret for decades, was only introduced to the art world at the age of 86 through a solo exhibition at the Belvedere21. His oeuvre comprises more than 3,500 works that can be accessed in the online catalog raisonné of the Belvedere.



Podcast wissensART 

We had the honour to talk about our gallery and especially Kurt Hüpfners oeuvre with Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger – listen to the new episode of her Podcast wissensART to hear more!



Artissima 2021
We presented a solo presentation of artworks by Kurt Hüpfner in the section Dialogue/ Monologue.



Art Austria HIGHLIGHTS 2021
From October 14th to 17th 2021 we were part of Art Austria HIGHLIGHTS.
We presented artworks by: BENKA, Peter Baldinger, Kurt Hüpfner, Petra Lupe, Christine Mayr und Adrian Uncrut



Peter Baldinger - LOOK TWICE!

Peter Baldinger talks with artmagazine about his art and current exhibtion LOOK TWICE at Galerie Dantendorfer. 


Art Austria 2021
From June 17th to 20th 2021 we were part of Art Austria at Museumquartier Vienna.
We presented artworks by: Peter Baldinger, Kurt Hüpfner, Christine Mayr und Adrian Uncrut